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Importance of a Mall Map

Importance of a Mall Map

Mapping is a technique of processing flow charts to explain the accurate process for every small detail to vast detailing of the topic. The use of mapping processes in the multiplex and mall industry is very frequent. Mall industry very often uses a mapping process to display their malls in an organized way and to grab the attention of visitors.

In malls, maps play a very important role. Interactive maps are used to provide a more user friendly experience where customers can interact with the map using touch screens with dropdowns menus to seek their retail stores and location including finding the shortest route to their destination. Maps can be online and offline.

The main points to consider while making mall maps are written down below-

  • Overview of the mall in a glance.
  • Always the easiest route for the perspective of the customer should be the first priority.
  • By plotting shops and restaurants on the mall map, it can not only increase visibility but
    also footfall to their outlet. The outlets can be highlighted at all zoom levels with a logo to
    differentiate and create added value.
  • Mall maps give direction to specified location inside a mall. Mall maps provide a user-
    friendly experience to the user where they can move around the mall with ease.

Advantages of Mall Maps:

  • Having an organized mall map can increase the popularity of the mall as it is one of the major
    points for customer satisfaction.
  • Increase footfall to the Mall and boost sales revenue to the outlets.
  • The presence of a mall map can decrease the chances of customers getting lost in the mall.

Uses Of Mall Maps

1. Finding your way around a huge shopping mall can be a challenge. Mall maps can be provided both online and offline (mobile apps/printed maps) format to help users navigate easily.

2. A mall map can help their customers navigate easily through the mall and find shops, restrooms, a particular brand’s showroom, food court etc with ease. The system can be made in a way to provide direction according to the customer’s need.

3. Mall maps are loaded on the touch screen in most relevant places in the mall, where customers can find their current location and directions to where they want to go.

4. Mall map helps the visitors and the customer maximize their experience at a shopping mall. As a result, it enhances customer experience and overall sales.

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