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How is Mapping an asset for Tourism

How is Mapping an asset for Tourism

A picture paints a thousand words! This is the primary reason why maps are a particularly important tool for boosting tourism of any city. Tourist maps play a pivotal role in marketing a city some of  which includes providing information to tourists about important landmarks, illustration of the city in a single view and moving around the area. Tourist maps help in making the choice of the visited tourist region and helps to plan the day.

At a glance tourist maps help to know what to do in the city and give an idea to the tourist about how many days one need to spend in the city. Briefly tourist maps act as a marketing tool, it markets key places of attractions, mall, hospitals and much more.

Tourist maps are central tourist devices, especially in urban locales.. Tourist maps are topographic maps having information of walking routes, skiing or cycling routes, watersports facilities. Tourist maps includes pictorial sign to identify hotels, restaurants, good beaches, theme parks.

We can categorize the tourist maps to 2D maps and 3D maps as well, 2D map are scalable, 3D tourist maps are artistically drawn creative map, it delivers fun and pleasure, but not to scale.

Types of Tourist Maps

There are two types of tourist maps

  • Online Maps
  • Offline Maps

Online maps can be found on web portals, apps of tourism authority where offline maps are printed maps that are found in hotels and tourist attraction areas.

Advantage of Tourist Maps

  1. Market the tourist attractions, also can be used the tool to market the city.
  2. Act as reference point before they reach destination
  3. Used as a souvenir to take back home as a memoir
  4. Assist the hotel concierges in guiding the tourist/guests around the city and explain things to do and help plan the day.
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