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Different Ways To Make Your Wall Extra Special With Wall Maps

Wall Map art loans a degree of credibility, class, and elegance to your wall, in contrast to some other completion. As a surface, it doesn’t reflect light in a similar way a laminated might and is simple to hang on a wall.

If you love voyaging or cartography or are searching for an extraordinary method to tidy up your walls. These wall maps with the stylistic layout thoughts are exactly what you need.


  • Matt Finish Roll Up Map: A reusable map roll-up system will permit you to put maps in a spring roller temporarily, when in shortage of space. Matt finish roll-up maps can be used to hide imperfections in older walls and decorators love using it in new homes.


  • Matt Finish Foam Board Map: Foamboard (also known as graphic artboard) map comes in a variety of grades and hues, offering alternatives for short or long-term applications. Matt finish foam sheets are an incredible decision for applications that require an inflexible, yet lightweight material. You can put pins to mark location and can interact with maps easily.

Matt finish maps can be used in reception, conference rooms, public rooms, offices, and other working areas.


  • Glossy Finished Roll Up Map: These maps have a highly reflective sheen, are very durable and stable. They are used for much-frequented decors and they are a good choice for rooms – reception, conference rooms, children’s rooms, hallways, offices, and other working areas.


  • Glossy Finished Foam Board Map: Simple to fabricate, foam boards can be printed, mounted, and laminated. With the polished touch, foam board maps can be decorated and it serves as an excellent wall map to dress your walls. On Glossy finished maps, we can write and rub with the whiteboard marker, can be used for on-boarding staff and glossy finished is a more interactive platform.


Enriching the walls of your room with maps is a certain method to get eyeballs. So, go on and look over our thoughts that best match your taste!

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