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You want your offices, conference rooms, etc to display a variety of colours and yet be informative and entertaining. Worry not! Our wall mounted maps are the perfect solution to your quandary. They come in various sizes and are the perfect combination of functionality and practicality.  Just glance at them and you will get a host of information. You can even customise these maps with relevant details as per your business needs and even emboss these maps with your company logo and colours and use them to spread your corporate identity.

Are you a designer, advertiser, broker, architect, builder, contractor, real estate developer, banker among others? Then our 3D maps made with cutting edge technology are sure to benefit you. Technology is the highway on which modern businesses stride towards their goal of expansion and you too can ride this highway to expand your business and steal a march over your competitors. Our 3D way finder maps, interactive maps and walk through maps can be used to gain approval for your projects and also to sell them even before they are completed.

Are you looking for effective ways to increase your brand recall in various regions and locales? Do you want to increase your reach among people of different linguistic hues?  Sponsoring localised copyrighted Easy Map products in various languages is a great way to achieve your objectives in a cost-effective manner.  Already a number of top brands in the retail and hospitality segment are using our services to great effect.

Whatever your business is, whether it is real estate, banking, shopping malls or any other, our interactive maps are a beneficial addition to have. With our maps, you can show photos as well as text, play both audio and video and of course zoom in and zoom out for better user experience.  Whether you use our tourism maps, transport maps, city and neighbourhood maps, industry maps or any other you are assured of top quality maps that will ensure a first-rate experience.

You are out shopping in a large mall and want to go to a particular shop? How do you reach there?  You could ask for directions from the mall staff. But it could get confusing for you and you may have to ask for help, again and again, wasting considerable time in locating the desired shop. This exercise could leave you exhausted and tired. But obviously you want to shop in a fresh mood and here is where our location maps come in. Our location maps display the relevant details only, hiding the extraneous details.

You want a particular font to be used for your maps, or need a particular site to be highlighted or you want to change the colour of the map to reflect your brand? Don’t worry. Easy Map is always there to cater to your various needs.  We understand that the needs of various businesses differ from each other and we are ready to fulfil your needs by way of our accurate and precise customised maps that are designed according to your requirements.

Corporate gifts

Are you looking for a great way to enhance your brand recognition and recall among your current and future clients? Then, you can choose gifts from our collection of exclusive products that range from simple inexpensive items to designer and branded products, depending upon your corporate image.

Merchant loyalty programmes

Our clients have the facility of participating in the loyalty programmes of leading corporates and brands that are associated with Easy Map.

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